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Final Fantasy: Persecution New Final Fantasy Based RPG Story. Open ended.

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Chapter 2

The end of the tournament went over without a hitch. Clief forfeit due to wounds and Jayden went on to take on the trophy. All went to plan.

“So your our new champion!” A very well dressed man said running over to Jayden.

“I am.” Jayden said raising an eyebrow. “Just who are you?”

“I am the kings messenger. Come to let you know your dinner with the kind will be tomorrow night, you may bring one guest.” The man said quickly and sharply.

“I’m coming with!” Nari smiled widely and batted her eyes.

“Ok. You can come don’t worry, what good is dinner with the kind if you don’t have a date.” Jayden laughed. “We should probably get new clothes for tomorrow.”

Clief walked out of the infirmary. “So we did it right? You guys get to see the king and help Seri save the world.”

A light pat on the shoulder and Cato came to the side of Clief. “You seem to think this doesn’t include you. I hope you know Seri expects those that join these two to fight for saving our world as well.” Cato walked over and stood next to Jayden and Nari. “We are all in this, lets go help them get dressed up for tomorrow.”

The market was busy. Nari walked ahead of the rest of the group and popped in and out of different stores. From time to time buying random things. Finally a tailor was found, Jayden was fitted in a formal suit, and Nari found an elegant red dress.

“Sweet well let’s get back to the hotel for now. I need some rest, that tournament took a lot out of me.” Jayden suggested

“So anyone have a theory of what we should be telling the king?” Said Nari as she looked up at the sky blankly.

“You two don’t know what you’re going to tell the king?” Clief chuckled lightly.

“You should be telling him about the legend of the Legions of Pandemonium. Seri mentioned it, and even if that is not the worst of it, it should still be enough to get him to believe and help us.” Said Cato.

Nari raised an eyebrow to this news. “So we are fighting an army of evil demon’s?”

“Not exactly.”

“So Cato, you’re saying this is related to the continent east of here?” Said Clief.

“Yes the island known as Dannati Island. Two thousand years ago we had a war that spread across our world. Led by Dannati himself, the war went on for one hundred and fifty years.” Cato shook his head. “If that is the threat at hand, we are talking about a couple million lost souls, a few evil generals who would be demons by now and a guy who wanted to kill everyone in the world and rule a world of undead minions.”

“So your saying that Kragen was possessed by one of these lost souls?” Said Clief slightly worried.

“That’s the likely truth of it. The very essence of Chaos being released, able to take over the minds and bodies of most people, turning them into nearly unstoppable warriors.” Nari shook her head. “Just think if they take over the Kruasarians we are looking at trouble.”

A dark feeling fell over the group as everyone took in this new information. They arrived at the hotel and little more was said. The sun had set and the city lamps came on.

Nari sat in her room for a few hours before leaving and walking out into the Hotels gardens. The moon was quarter way into the sky, making the whole garden glow in an ethereal blue.

“What’s the matter Nari?” A strange voice said from all around her.

“Who’s there?”

Seri walked out of a tree just behind her. “I’ve been watching you the entire time. You’re a very interesting individual you know.” Seri laughed

Nari sat down on a bench and watched Seri walk around the park. “So is it true? Are we really dealing with Dannati?”

“I don’t know how your brother figured it out so fast. Dannati hasn’t been talked about in a long time.” Seri moved quickly and was looking Nari eye to eye. “Your eyes interest me more than anything. Do you remember the fight with the Adamant?”

“No, not really, and I’ve felt different ever sense.”

“The winter’s fingerprint on your eyes.” Seri kept staring into Nari’s eyes. “So what feels different?” Seri said backing away.

“I can’t explain it, I always feel warm, and I feel like my veins flow like ice.” Nari looked down. “My hands feel powerful, I feel powerful.”

“Be careful you might awaken it again.” Seri laughed. “You are blessed with the same power Shiva once wielded. Those that summon Shiva’s spirit to fight with these days could not hope to achieve the level of power you hold.”

“What exactly are you saying?” Nari glared at Seri

“You are a direct blood link to the original incarnation of Shiva. You are blessed.” Seri smiled.

“So why haven’t you gathered more people to help us? You only came to Jayden, and me I figure you knew we would meet Clief. Cato seems to know more then he lets on. Why haven’t you warned more people?”

“I am not aloud to solve this problem for you. In fact I broke a lot of rules just to tell you and Jayden. The Others have already punished me; I cannot talk to new people anymore. I can only been seen or talked to by those that already know me, my mission is dead.” Seri sighed running a stick through the water.

“So your telling me this battle is completely up to the two of us?”

“No there is the other thing.”

“What other thing?”

“The Eye of the Worlds, as you mentioned the first time we met. The king has it, and if you can get it from him you may be able to save a whole lot more than just this world. The Eye of the Worlds is a gateway, hidden under the cast, and it is able to transport you to other worlds. Out there someplace is a way to defeat what your up against, but you are going to have to leave this planet.”

“So tomorrow we are supposed to ask to use the Eye of the Worlds to find a way to save this world?” Nari sighed. “That is not going to be easy.”

“Wait you misunderstand. Every World is threatened by this new enemy, you must find allies to help you in worlds all over and return to wipe out the infested worlds.”

Nari looked up to the sky. “So we will travel the great black ocean in search of help.”

“Yes you will, don’t look back, this is the beginning of a great adventure.” Seri said as she disappeared into the mist.

“A great adventure.” Nari looked at her hands. “At least I know I have the power to help.”
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Re: Chapter 2

"Hey." Clief said as walked up behind Nari.

"Oh. It's you Clief. You startled me a bit there. Was lost in thought," Nari start a little startled.

"Sorry, I didnt mean to...I've been thinking...about what Cato being involved with this," Clief said.

"I think the same way he does, and so does Seri," Nari said smiling.

"Yeah...I hope your right," Clief replied.

Nari walked up to Clief and put her hand on his shoulder. He couldnt help but feel better with her hand there, supporting him.

"Your with us now, and your helping us. If it wasnt for you, we wouldnt have beaten Kragen back there. You are the one that delivered the final blow," Nari said smiling and Clief.

Clief smiled back at her.

"Thanks for helping us. Jayden and myself i mean. I dont know if we could've won without your help," Clief said. "Cato says I have all this skill, but I was at full power against Kragen....the last of the Tyen race, what a joke!"

Nari paused for a moment, she didnt know much about Clief let alone his race of people.

"Your the last one? What happened?" she asked.

"I dont remember much....I remember being around 13 years old...when they attacked. I dont know who or what they were, but they wiped us out so least i think it was them..." Clief said, turning away from Nari now.

Was it them? Or was

Nari walked back to Clief and put her hand on his shoulder again, then walked back to the other two.

What was that? What was i doing? That was dumb.

Clief walked back to where Nari was and looked up at the stars.

Going to be a while before I get the chance to look up at these

He turned and went back to the others.
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Re: Chapter 2

Jayden couldn't sleep. He was thinking about what Kragen said.

So Sinistrals are this new force? And they will keep coming back as long as Iris lives

He got up and looked at the others. Nari always looked cold when she slept and tonight was no exception. Clief was snoring loud and Cato didn't even look like he was sleeping. He walked out onto the hotel balcony and looked into the sky. The stars twinkled at him from above since there were no clouds.

Jayden sighed and looked over to the east. The dark cloud had gotten bigger since they last saw it. He decided he would sleep outside tonight since he could not sleep inside. He got down onto the ground and tried to get to sleep. When he couldn't he started thinking again.

We have a long journey ahead of us. We'll soon have to meet our allies that Seri said we'd meet soon. I hope Clief recovers from his injuries soon. And what was with him talking to Nari tonight? He doesn't usually talk with her. Maybe he likes her.

And with that though it his mind, Jayden slowly drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, Jayden woke up from a barking dog. He got up and sneaked past his sleeping companions to go to the bathroom to wash his face. As he was doing so, he looked out the window facing east. The cloud was even bigger then before.

He went downstairs and ordered eggs for breakfast. As he looked for a table, he noticed Cato at a table in the back, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. Jayden thought this was odd and went to sit with him.

"Oh hello Jayden", said Cato, turning a page in the newspaper. "Why are you up so early".

"Oh", said Jayden, eating his eggs. "I couldn't sleep so I just decided to have breakfast". He stared at Cato, trying to think of something to say. "Um Cato", he said. "How can you read a newspaper if your blind".

"Oh its a special ability I have", he said. "I just have to put my hand on any piece of writing and I can tell what it says. It could be on a wall or a book. If I can put my hands on it, I can read it".

"Oh...", said Jayden. "Pretty handy ability. Get it. Handy". Jayden realized it was not a funny joke.

"Is something on your mind", asked Cato.

"Yea", he said. "'s just that I'm starting to get overwhelmed by what we have to do. I mean, we have to save our planet. I'm just wondering whether I can do this or not".

"Well", said Cato, putting his paper down. "You just need take things slowly for a while. The tournament took a toll on you and Clief. Just don't be getting into big situations for a while and you should be fine".

"Okay", said Jayden. He continued eating his eggs, wondering if he could that.

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Re: Chapter 2

Cato leaned back in his chair. A guard tapped him on the shoulder.

“Cato Obasu of the Lost Sea Pirates?” The guard asked calmly.

“Yes?” Cato said smiling. “Can I help you?”

“You are with Jayden Duba, your sister Nari and the one they call Clief am I right?” The Guard inquired.

“You’ve got the right Cato.” Cato said standing up and turning to face the guard. “Can I help you?”

“The king would like to see all of you as soon as possible, it’s a matter of our city’s survival. Please gather your people as soon as possible and meet me at the palace gates.” The guard explained.

“Ok, we will be there.” Cato bowed

The guard walked off towards the castle. Cato sat back down and smiled.

“What was that about? I thought the tournament winners, being me and Clief would get to go see the king alone, why is he asking for you, and you’re a Pirate? What else do I not know about you?”

“I’m an excellent fiddle player.” Cato laughed. “I think the king has figured out just how bad things are about to get. I wish I could explain it all but I am not able to.”

Nari walked out of the Hotel and stretched in the sunlight. “Oh Big Bro, Jayden, what’s up? Look like your unusually happy Cato.”

“Go get Clief for me please. I don’t have time to explain, he should be out back.” Cato ordered.

“Ok, no fun but I’ll do it.” Nari joked and took off to find Clief, a moment later returning as she ran into him just inside the doorway.

“Ok we have been summoned to the Palace. Something tells me this is only the beginning of what is to come, so make sure you have anything of value with you, because today we travel farther away than anyone has in seven hundred years.” Cato smiled again.

“Well that’s vague and a little troubling.” Jayden said getting up from the table and finishing the last of his Eggs. “I’ll see you at the palace.”

“Nari any winnings you have from the tournament please turn into as much gold as possible.” Cato suggested.

“Already done, I got my winnings in gold coins.” Nari said pulling a large back from her new black overcoat.

Clief and Jayden looked at Cato waiting orders as well. “So what do we need to do?” Clief finally said.

“Clief I think your ready, Jayden I know you have a things against Magic, but today you must learn how to cast at least one spell, I want you to know Meteo!” Cato smiled coyly.

“Meteo! Isn’t that just a myth?” Jayden’s mouth dropped open. “I mean why should I be the one to learn it anyways?”

Cato laughed for a second. “I know Meteo, and I am going to teach it to you, why you Jayden? Because your people are the ones that first learned the spell, and you are one of the only people left in this world that has the ability to cast it. I only know the spell, I can’t cast it.” Cato said looking very serious.

Jayden took a moment to process this and nodded. “How long will it take to learn?”

Cato simple beckoned Jayden to come. Jayden walked over, Cato grabbed his arm and pulled it towards him. He murmured some strange words and touched Jayden’s arm and a black script crept up Jayden’s arm. In only a few seconds the entire length of Jayden’s left arm was now wrapped in an ancient language and at his wrist a Meteor. “There you learned it.” Cato laughed.

Jayden looked at his arm in amazement. “What the hell kind of spell is this?”

“It’s a blood pact spell, for as long as you live this spell belongs to you, and only you. No other mortal can cast this spell, and so it also links you to the god dragon Bahamut.”

Nair looked at the spell and smiled. “Awesome Jayden! You have one of the blood pact spells.” She looked around and then whispered in Jayden ear. “I have one too.”

Cato laughed a little. “Actually we all do.” Cato pulled his shirt up and turned around, on his back was a similar spell. “I hold the spell known as Calamity and I am linked to the true form of Titan, Nari holds the ultimate form of an ice spell and is herself the reincarnation of Shiva, Clief has a dormant spell, I am still unsure of its nature. Then our friend Seri, who owns the most holy of spells and is the incarnation of Kirin, and the other spells are out there.”

“Does this have anything to do with why we were chosen by Seri?” Jayden asked.

Cato nodded. “Go get your things now, we have a lot more to do.”

An hour passed and they all met in front of the castle. The guard led them in to the kings thrown room. “Ah my good friend Cato.” The king said jumping from his seat.

Cato bowed and then hugged the tall young king. “How are you old friend.”

Jayden pointed. “You know each other!”

“Yup they have been friends for like years.” Nari giggled.

“Then why the hell did we have to be in that damn tournament?” Clief said looking rather upset.

“I had to push you guys, that’s why. Admittedly I didn’t expect you two to have to fight a possessed guy, but you needed to learn to fight together, and to fight better. What better way, the tournament was even my idea.” Cato laughed. “Don’t get me wrong, you guys did great, but this is a quest that needs the best of the best, we are about to save not just this world, but all worlds.”

The king nodded. “Cato and I have been planning this for almost three years, ever sense the arrival of Seri in this world we have been planning for the final battle against Chaos in all forms. We needed you to not only be fighters of skill, but of purpose. Now Cato please put in motion what will be that last wall between the outside and this city.”

Cato nodded and took up a squatting pose with his hands spread out; he then slammed his left foot to the ground and slowly pulled his hands together. The entire castle trembled. The morning light slowly faded. Jayden Clief and Nari all looked out the window in amazement as the entire city sank below the ground, becoming a subterranean stronghold. When the Cato’s hands finally came together the city was several thousand feet below the surface, fresh water came in from the walls of the new cave city. Light began to come in form all directions above, as large crystals poked through the earth giving a natural but false light.

Cato fell to his knees. “I have done it. The city is safe here, and should be able to survive while we use the Eye of the gods to travel to the other worlds to gather what we need to defeat this evil.”
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Re: Chapter 2

"Ok, so when are we leaving the palace? Where are we going exactly?" Clief asked the king.

"First of all, this is alot of information for you three to take in at the moment, so I think it would be best if you were to satay here tonight. You need to be at full strength physically and mentally. As for where you are going..." The king paused for a moment and walked over to Cato.

"Your strength was tested at the tournament, and your team skills were aswell. Now, you need to be tested mentally," Cato said.

"So what you mean is we're going to be tested mentally? How" asked Jayden.

"Well, within every person lies a fear. Something they have supressed. You must face this deep within your mind, and overcome it. If you cannot, you will trapped in your mind forever. If you dont want to risk this, then you cannot help. This is the ulimate test," the king explained.

A supressed memory? A fear? What does he mean!?

"In your last test, you faced it as a team, however, this you must do alone. If you dont want to do this, speak now," the king said.

Clief walked around for a little while, and Jayden looked at Nari.

"We're in, we wont back down!" They said together.

"I'll do it. I'm ready for it" Clief"

"Thats good then. You may want to sit down for this," Cato suggested.

"Sit down for what?" Nari asked.

"It happens now, so please take a seat," the king said.

All three of them took a seat next to eachother.

I guess this is as close as we're guna get

The king walked over to Jayden first, he was on the right of the three. He lifted his hand up to his forehead and whispered something under his breath. Jayden instantly collasped in his chair.

It was that fast? Woh, this is gonna be intense

Next the king walked over to Nari. He put his hand up to Nari's forehead. Clief watched Nari's face.

This could be the last time i see that face

The king whispered something under his breath jus as Nari's head began to turn to Clief with a smile, then she collasped in her chaire aswell. He then walked over to Clief and raised his hand up to his forehead.

Here goes. My one greatest fear.

"Dwelve" whispered the king.

Clief was pulled into some kind of vortex, increasing in speed in each passing moment.

What is this? Where am i going?

It felt like a long time before he began to slow down a little bit. He could see something, it looked to be some kind of island, but it looked familiar. this cant

Clief looked at his hands and noticed they were getting smaller. He looked at his body and noticed it too was getting smaller. He kept getting smaller and younger until he reached the age of 14. He landed on the sand of the beach.

This is....this cant i cant

"Hey Clief! What are you doing out here? Shouldnt you be at the village training with your brother?" Yelled out a girls voice.

Hael!? It cant be!!

Clief stood there in shock, trying to take in what just happened.

"Clief? You there?" she asked.

"Oh, um yeh. Training...right, I should get going then," Clief replied starting to walk towards her.

"Can I watch?" she said with a smile.

I remember that smile. Hael's smile. There isnt anything more beautiful in the world other than her smile

"Sure," he said smiling back.

They walked into the forest together, side by side.
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Re: Chapter 2

Jayden woke up. He looked at himself, noticing that he was much smaller then what he was. He looked around and saw his Wooden Bow by his bedroom door.

Is this...

"Jayden", yelled his mother, "Breakfast is ready". Jayden got up and looked around his room. He looked out the window into the town. The sun was shining in the courtyard. All of the Ortin were out, enjoying the day. He turned and walked out of his room and down the stairs, knowing that everyone would soon perish.

He got down stairs and saw his father talking to a man in a black robe.


He could even hear what they were talking about.

"...and that's by we think the Tangi will invade this village", said the man

"I see", said his father, with a hint of concern in his voice.

What! They know there coming? Thats great.

Jayden went to run over to his father to tell him that they would attack today, but for some odd reason he couldn't control his body movements anymore.

What the...

He started automatically walking over to the table, just like he did 10 years earlier.

I guess you can't change the past after all...

Jayden started feeling sad. His mother came over with a plate full of toast.

"Eat up dear", said his mother, with a tear in her eye.

She must know as well

"Don't cry", said Jayden, smiling at her. He was sad but he couldn't change what happened so he ended up smiling.

She smiled, but at the same time more tears were streaming down her eyes. Jayden finished his breakfast. He stayed sitting at the table and saw that he his mother was now talking to his father and the man. And he could hear them again.

"You should get him out of here soon", said the man

"But, asked his mother. "Why is it only him that has to leave. Why aren't the other children being told to hide?"

"Honey", said his father. "Jayden has been blessed by the dragon god Bahumat. That is why the Tangi are coming. To destroy him. He must get away from our town".

"Renae", said the man, now talking to Jayden's mother. "The children will be kept in a safe house underground. The townspeople will gather into one place. The Tangi will think that he's there and attack us. We'll all put up a fight and give Jayden time to get away. But after that..."

"Alright, thank you", said his father. The man walked out of the house with a rush.

"Kjinn...", said Jayden's mother. She didn't say anything. She walked over to the table, where she grabbed a sack, and walked back with it, giving it to Jayden.

"Jayden", said his father. "Your gonna go hunting by yourself today".

"Really!", replied Jayden, broken on the inside.

"Yep", said his father. "You don't need me to supervise you anymore". He walked over to the weapons rack where his father's bow was kept. He took it down and walked back to Jayden, giving it to him.

"Your giving this to me", said an excited Jayden.

"Of course. Your gonna need a real bow if your gonna go hunting by yourself".

Jayden smiled. The past Jayden was excited on the inside but the present Jayden was sad.

"Now Jayden", said his mother, whos tears had nearly gone away. "The sack I gave you is full of food and water. We want you to stay out there until the sun starts to set".

"Really", said Jayden. "That long. Wow".

"Oh and there arrows in the sack as well", said his father.

"Alright", piped Jayden. His father hugged him very tightly and gave him a kiss. His mother hugged him for longer and even more tighter. Jayden wanted to keep hugging her but had to let go. She gave him one last kiss.

"Alright, sweetie.......we'll see you later...", said his mother.

"Alright. Cya tonight". He waved to them and walked out the door. Past Jayden wondering why they were upset, while present Jayden realizing he'd never see them again.

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My 1000th post was about you Leon
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Re: Chapter 2

Cato watched as Nari twitch and drew short breaths as she lay in her subconscious. Cato knew what she was facing, he remembered the day quit well. What he didn’t expect was for her to wake up after only a few moment.

“Kri to ma, no ashie tu nar ri!” Nari yelled.

Cato cocked his head to the side and looked at her blankly. “What the?”

“Kris ha no sari!” Nari said pointing her hand at Cato, and ice bolt quickly flew past his head.

Cato put a wall up around the king, Clief and Jayden. Cato turned again to get hit in the chest with an Ice bolt. ‘I must be fighting Shiva, but why would she be agro?’

The fight was not going to be easy, Cato couldn’t see a ballistic attack, but he could hear tell what direction Nari was from him. He quickly dashed from side to side throwing up rock barriers along the way. Ice splintered off the rocks showering him as he made his advance. ‘What speed, I cant believe she can cast such a spell so fast.’

Nari watched from behind the eyes of Shiva as her body attacked her brother over and over again. She was happy to see that Cato was able to dodge the attacks after the first hit. She then realized that this was her test, but what did it mean. She concentrated closely.

Cato continued to advance, but he could barely keep up with the attacks she was now throwing. It felt like Nari was in a different moving space of time. Then he realized the true nature of what was going on, as he got closer, time was slowing for him, and she was remaining the same. ‘This is Bad’ Cato whispered under his breath.
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Re: Chapter 2

Clief and Hael made it through the forest and to their little village.

This....this is the last of my people...all in this tiny village

"So you came after all Clief?" yelled out a voice.

Clief looked over to see who it was. This boy looked exactly like Clief, but with red eyes and black pupils.

"You sure you want to do this Loabin?" asked Clief.

"It's the only way im going to get better," he replied.

Clief nodded and stepped forward, withdrawing his sword. It was his Crystal sword, only it was smaller, the size of a sword for his sized body. Loabin then withdrew his sword. It was glowing red, and looked as though it was made of Ruby.

"Get ready Clief, here i come!"

Loabin dashed forward with a strike from the side. Clief blocked it and countered with an attack from above. Loabin moved to the side and thrust his sword forward. Clief then jumped backwards, barely getting out of the way in time.

"You've gotten faster brother, impressive"

"I can get faster," Loabin smirked.

With that he disapeared from Clief's sight, only to reappear next to him, swing his sword from above. Clief jus blocked the attack but Loabin dissapeared again.

"I should've been the prodigy, not you!"

He reappeared again infront of Clief, swinging his sword from the side, faster this time. Clief ducked under the blade and swung his sword up towards Loabin, but he dissapeared again.

"You cant even keep up!"

He appeared behind Clief and kicked him in the back then disappeared again.

"How can we be twins when your the prodigy!?"

He appeared infront of Clief again, standing there.

"You cant even keep up with me. Your finished!"

Loabin lifted his sword up and attacked Clief again. Clief blocked it, but the blade kept coming at him.

I remember this! He....he cut me

Loabin slashed Clief down the chest, making Clief fly back a few meters landing on his back. He tried to get back up, but collasped and passed out.


After a few hours had past Clief began to stir. He opened his eyes to see Hael above him.

Her eyes, they're amazing!

"Where am i?" Clief asked gasping for breath.

He lifted his hand and placed it in his chest and twitched as he touched his large wound.

"It's been connected"

"This makes him very dangerous"

"We cant keep him around"

Clief could hear voices, but didnt know who was talking as he was about to pass out again.

"We ca.............use tha..............ULTIMA"
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Re: Chapter 2

Jayden had arrived at the hunting spot his dad always took him to. He walked over to a tree and sat down underneath it. He looked all around him at the bushes for any signs of movement. Jayden sighed and opened his bag to retrieve a bar of chocolate. He sat in silence, munching on his chocolate bar, listening for any signs of movement. All of a sudden, a faint bang was heard in the direction of his town.

It's started

Jayden wanted to go back and help his people fight the Tangi but knew he couldn't since he never went back there anyway. Jayden got up and walked further into the bushes, looking for any creatures he could hunt.

After 10 minutes, Jayden had finally reached a small lake. The sounds of the fighting could not be heard anymore, but Jayden knew they were still fighting on.

That's odd. I don't remember coming here before.

Jayden looked at the lake. There was a small island in the middle of it, with what looked like a trap door as well. Jayden realised he could control himself, even though he never came here before. Jayden looked behind him, towards the sounds of fighting. He realized he probably wouldn't be able to help them anyway, so he decided to go investigate the door.

He took off his bag and put it on an arrow. Jayden then picked the arrow up and shot it towards the island. It flew slowly over the lake and hit its target. Jayden smiled and put his bow on his back. He dived into the cool refreshing water and started to swim over towards the island.

This is really strange. I don't remember any of this ever happening.

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My 1000th post was about you Leon
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Re: Chapter 2

Nari blinked and the vision of fighting her brother disappeared. A comfortably cold endless expanse lay before her now. She turned around to find a slightly less dressed version of her looking back. Staring at her, looking her up and down.

“It’s a shame we never get to live as mortals for long is it not.” The look alike said.

“What are you talking about? Where is this?”

“This is inside your mind of course. The real question is why are you here, and that’s because your short time in this world is over.”

“Ok, what do you mean by that?” Nari paced around her double. “Just who are you?”

“I’m Shiva, and I am also you, and sadly as with all good things your time as a mortal is over. Do not worry of course, you’ll not miss out on your quest, you just wont be ummmm hard to explain, well you wont be able to walk with the mortals you’re allied with. You see, they are all tied to the gods, you are a god, and because of this you cannot continue this quest yourself. Instead you will be tied to a mortal who will take your place.”

“Ok, as odd as this all sounds, I’m not really all that surprised, I guess I’ve gone through this before.”

“Actually we’ve had this happen to us twice before, we tend to not die too often.”

“Well then who is going to replace me? We are just about to leave from this world, not many are open to help.”

“Its been arranged. Say goodbye to your loved ones, for your replacement is here.”

Nari blinked and saw the last sight of her brother, who was still fighting off Shiva’s attacks. Jayden, and Clief both in a trance. “Goodbye.” She whispered

Cato felt his sister disappear, a cold breeze passing his cheek and a soft. “Goodbye.” His eyes began to tear up, as he knew what had happened.

A slight disturbance could be felt near.

A dark energy built up in a ball above the area Nari disappeared. A portal opened, a cold damp mist poured into the room.

The King walked over to Cato and watched the black energy. “This is not what I expected.”

Cato nodded. “Tell me what you see?”

“What in the hell!” yelled a kid flying out of the portal. Standing up a tall kid with long red hair turned around to find himself in a completely new place.

“Who’s there?” Said Cato intrigued to know what had come to replace his sister.

“Name is Narashi.”
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Re: Chapter 2

"Clief! Wake up!!!" A mans voice was yelling at Clief as he shook him.

Clief opened his eyes to his brother.

"We got trouble! Big trouble! C'mon!" he said in a very worried voice.

Clief sat up, in a little bit of pain. He felt his chest, the wound was still there, but had healed a little bit.

I dont remember this. Whats going on?

Clief stood up and saw his stuff by the door. As he walked over to it he realised he could here something outside. People were screaming, and something large was smashing into the ground.

Whats going on?

Loabin came back into the room.

"C'mon, you gotta get your stuff on, we're guna need allt he help we can get," he said

"Wait, whats going on?" Clief asked.

"They've finally come. It's just like the prophecy. They came from the sky!" he said shaking.

Prophecy? I dont remember a prophecy?

He gathered his things and put them on.

Clief, it's been a while since i felt you. Do you remember any of this?

Duegan, you came to this place with me?

Well no, i had to get myself here. I dont remember any of this happening, do you?

No i dont. I understand this, i should be able to remember it.

Well, lets find out what happens

Clief ran outside. It was night time, but very bright from the fires around the village. He looked up to see a black smokey cloud above his village.

Wait, this is what we saw at the tournament. Does that mean, its been on our planet this whole time? And it attacked us first!?

Clief ran over to his father, who was casting fire up into the sky.

"Father! What's going on!?" He yelled as he ran towards him.

Just as Clief had gotten to his father, troops began to fall from the sky.

Wait! This cant be! These people are from this village!

Clief withrew his sword and blocked an attack from one of the troops.

"You need to get away from here, if they get you, it'll all be over," his father whispered to him.

Clief looked up at him, but his father wouldnt look back. He was looking straight forward at the village elder.

This cant be. I dont....I dont remember ANY of this.

This must be the first slaves that they capture. Your entire race Clief. We can stop this.

Yes, we can stop this. I'm not running!

Clief charged one of the troops and released duegan from his sword. Duegan wasnt quite full size yet but still took out the troop infront of Clief.

Wait...this is my past...i cant change the showing them this, im giving them the advantage they had at the tournament...thats how Kragen knew about my dragon. I cant fight, Duegan you need to come back now.

I understand

Once the bright light disappeared Clief turned around and began to run towards the forrest, but the village elder stood in his way.

"Move! I dont want to hurt you!" he yelled.

"Your coming with us young man. With you, we can accomplish what we need to do. Your village will be spared," he said, in a distorted voice.

"No! Not at the cost of the universe! What will it matter when its all gone!" he yelled.

"So you are one of them...your in a vision right now arnt you. Dont you find it odd you dont remember any of this? This is actualy happening right now. It's not a dream you foolish boy!" he cackered.

Not a dream? Is what he's saying true? No that cant be...I want this to end!

"I want this to end! TAKE ME BACK! AAARRRGGGHHH!!" Clief screamed.

An aura was surrounding him. A greeny blue aura. Clief began to rise up off the ground, his pupils were green instead of blue.

"NO!! Everyone, get away now!!" Clief's father screamed.

But it was too late, the destruction was already happening around Clief.

"ULTIMA!" Clief yelled, as a green surge of light emerged from him.
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Re: Chapter 2

After drying himself off, Jayden grabbed his things and walked over to the trapdoor. He noticed it had no handle so Jayden reached for his short sword. He felt nothing, and realized he did not have a sword then, let alone know how to use one. He looked around for a sharp object in the shrub around him but couldn't find anything.

Now how am I suppose to get...wait! What's that?

Jayden noticed a gleam in the small tree that in front of him. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an insignia of a dragon.


Jayden touched the small insignia of the dragon. It immediately started to glow blue then stopped. Jayden turned around towards the trap door to notice that the door had gone and that steps descending downwards replaced it. Jayden smiled and walked down them quietly, bow at the ready, not knowing what to expect.

As soon as Jayden had reached the bottom of the steps, the trap door appeared and sealed the entry.

"HEY!", yelled Jayden.

At that moment, the passageway was lit up by the flaming torches at the side, revealing a very long passageway with a light at the end. Jayden did not know if he should go or not but decided to because it might lead to the exit. Jayden started walking, noticing engravings on the walls. They had a dragon, fighting fiends and other monsters.

"Bahamut?", questioned Jayden.

He continued walking, noticing the engravings were becoming less and less and as Jayden drew more closer to the light. Finally, he reached a large round room with the light and stood there, staring at it like a hungry child.

"State yourself!", echoed a grizzly voice.

Jayden, startled and coming to focus again, answered the question.

"Ah...Jayden Duba of the Ortin people sir", said Jayden. He didn't know why he said sir but he felt he needed to. There was silence for a moment before the big voice boomed up again.

"Oh yes", the voice boomed, "I've been expecting you".

The light in front of Jayden began to get brighter until Jayden had to shield his eyes. When Jayden opened them, the spirit of the dragon god stood before him.

"Bahamut...", Jayden gasped.

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My 1000th post was about you Leon
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