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The Story of Palis A continuing story of worlds trapped in war, where their only hope are Heroes from other worlds.

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A great noise echoed through the streets, and Belial quickly turned to see one of the men blowing into a conch horn. With a flick of his wrist, the queen of spades embedded in the soldiers neck, and he topped to the ground.

The noise still lingered in the air as Malice approached his goal. The red haired man stood at the top of the palace steps, looking meniacly at him. His eyes burned flames, which only added to the insanity blatantly drawn on his face. Malice had grown up with this man. He was a fire adept named Boiz. As a child he'd always been wreckless, abusing his powers. Like Malice, he'd been gifted in the art of spellcasting, and he quickly learned to maximize his powers at a young age. He had been first in his classes, with Malice only a hair behind. They had become friends purely because of their skill.

Then something odd happened. One day, Boiz seemed to change unexpectedly. He became even more rash and hard headed. He refused to work as a team with Malice, and it had almost cost him his life on a few occasions during time trial exams. Slowly he'd grown distant. Malice had noticed the change, and had tried to talk to him, but his stubborness would not hear it. After a month of this unusual behavior, he had snuck into the crystal quarry, and had stolen crystals of fire, his element of kin. Upon exit of the caves, he was discovered by the village elder. He absorbed the power of the fire crystals, and with his newfound strength, he burst through the Theirian guards and had fled the island.

Malice reached the bottom of the stairs, and looked up at Boiz. "So it is you who is behind the crystal corruptions," he said.

Boiz laughed a sinister laugh. "Not I, my boy, but another force. He supplies me with unimaginable power, and in return I spread the crystal plague. Not a bad deal." He laughed again, a shrill laugh.

"I'm sorry Boiz, for you were once my friend, but for the sake of Theira and Gracia, I can't let you do it." Malice pocketed his daggers. "Lets do this the old fashioned way."

"I have no time to deal with filth like you. Maybe once you could compare to my power, but now I am the strongest Theirian mage."

Boiz drew his weapon, a double edged sword. He swung it around, and the two blades caught fire. "If it is a fight you're asking for, then I will deliver. I doubt I'll even work up a sweat."

Boiz leapt into the air, his fiery blades creating a ripple in the air. He briefly twirled the blades above his head, and with a piercing yell, he brought the sword down upon Malice. Malice rolled to the side, evading the attack. The sword hit the stone ground, spraying sparks in all directions. The bloodlusted Theirian looked to the right, where Malice had just been, but he was not there.

"Please Malice, don't try your cheap tricks on me. I grew up with you. I know exactly how you fight."

A fiery insignia burned on Boiz's hand, and he shot a fiery burst into the air. The flames hit their mark, and Malice fell from the sky, now visible. Before he hit the ground, he summoned an air current, which caught his fall. He windwalked once again and charged towards his enemy. Boiz felt the current coming, and slashed forwards with his sword. It was just as Malice had planned, and he vaulted over the sword slash, laying a foot to the back of Boiz head.

Boiz staggered forward, but quickly regained his balance. Malice was trying very hard not to be seen, and it was frustrating Boiz. His temper flared, and his body heated up to molten temperatures. The air rippled, and Malice's form appeared at the top of the steps. Boiz laughed again, and shot flaming bursts towards Malice. Malice was ready for it this time, and he uncloaked and dodged to the side. His motions were a blur as the wind propelled him sideways, out of the way of the projectiles.

"Where is this unbeatable power Boiz?" Malice taunted. With a burst of air, Malice shot forward, and landed a punch to Boiz stomach. Boiz spat fire at the impact. Before he could bring about his sword, Malice executed an uppercut to his jaw. Boiz actually lifted from the ground. And Malice spun around and kicked him into the side of a building. Dust shrouded Boiz as he hit the building. Malice strained to see through the dust, but he couldn't. He cautiously walked forwards, preparing for the worst.

Suddenly, three fiery projectiles were hurled at Malice. He summoned the wind and knocked the bullets aside, but he wasn't ready as Boiz leapt from the dust slashing with his double bladed sword. Malice dodged the first slice, but the second blade sliced through his vest, creating a deep gash. Malice held his chest as the pain shot through it. The blades came down again, and Malice summoned a current that boosted him high into the air. He forgot the pain and focused on the battle. Boiz was now throwing fire at Malice, and he was having a hard time focusing. Determined, Malice spread his feet at shoulder length and put his arms out to the sides. The blueish insignia flared on his palms, and he screamed the word that he hoped word end the battle.


Malice started slowly spinning. The firebolts hit the air and dissipated. The spin became faster and faster until a funnel of air started to appear from his body. He lowered himself to the ground, surrounded by the cyclone, and walked towards Boiz. Boiz still held his insane look on his face, and didn't seem worried that the tornado was nearing. Everything around them was being picked up and thrown, and Masuto ordered the others to take cover to avoid flying debris. The bodies of the dead soldiers were picked up and tossed effortlessly aside. The only thing that rested on the ground besides Malice was Boiz.

"You have become strong Malice, but you have yet to see my real power," mocked Boiz. The flames on his sword grew larger, until his whole body seemed to ignite. He spun his sword above his head, and created a fiery vortex. With great strength Boiz threw his sword into the hurricane. Instead of being shot out like the rest of the debris, it lit the hurricane. The fire surrounded Malice, searing his skin. Releaseing his anger, he shot stright out of the eye of the storm. The pain distracted his focus, so no cloud of air met him as he fell. He hit the ground with a thud.

Boiz was upon him in seconds. He'd already retrieved his sword, and it was now pointed at Malice's neck.

"See, you cannot match my power. And as I promised, no sweat," he said, demonstrating by wiping his forehead.

Malice couldn't form the words to respond. His strength had left him, and e knew it was the end.

"Prepare to die. I'm sorry things had to be this way. Oh wait a second, no I'm not." Boiz said, laughing his crazy laugh once more. He raised his blade to swing, but froze in midslice as a menacing growl split through the air.

"No," Boiz said humbled. "Not now. The Zera Shaal cannot be here now. Not in my moment of glory. No."

The growl grew closer, until it seemed right over top of Malice. Malice saw the demon through his blurred vision, but couldn't make out the details. He saw the flicker of Boiz's sword as he blocked what appeared to be the arm of the Zera Shaal. The last thing Malice saw was Boiz being thrown high into the air. After that, all he saw was black.
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