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The Story of Palis A continuing story of worlds trapped in war, where their only hope are Heroes from other worlds.

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Belial stood, summoning his nightmare mount. "May as well train him to recognize me..." he muttered. The horse that devoured and slaughtered the hopes and dreams of others matierialized, rearing to strike Belial down. He bicycle kicked the horse on the jaw.

"Now that that's out of the way..." he smiled. There was something to be said for Belial's new form. It really made him seem incredibly less sinister, especially in the sunlight, where as his old form seemed to dampen light around it. He drew his cane, now a bit longer, almost like a miniture staff to his new form, and began to practice.

"Being a demon, kids" Belial orated while he spun the cane around. "Isn't all about taking souls and destroying things. Actually, its more your job to simply change the world. You're the force of rebellion. Without you, there is nothing but calcification."

Nichi shook his head. "So at what point did mutating others come along?"

Belial paused. "Mistakes have been made. Others shall be blamed."
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Nichi was amused in how Belial made friends with his horse. Nichi sat under his tree all day reading comic books. He thought about what Magus had said about feeling the Black Wind. What could have happened that was so bad that he would feel like that. Aikia sat down next to Nichi; she picked up one of the comic books and tried to read it.

“What the hell? What language is this?” She flipped through the pages of the book. “Why are you reading this?”

“I read it because I like it. It’s written in English, it’s from earth. A crate of these book manages to get here every once and a while.” Nichi continued to read.

Aikia looked at the comic book. “How did you learn English? Not many people from earth come here.”

Nichi changed pages. “I taught myself.”

She looked at the cover of the book, a half dressed elf girl sat on the cover. “Umm what is this called? Why is there a half naked girl on the cover?”

Looking at the book she held. “That’s Ragnarok.” He held up the book he was reading. “This is King of Hell.”

Belial had un-summoned his horse and came back to see if Nichi wanted to train more when a man in a silver cloak passed him. Belial turned his head and watched him disappear into the supply shop. A powerful evil came from this man. It made him shiver in fear. ‘Wait a sec, me a demon shake in fear to a mere mortal.’

Nichi watched as Belial walked towards him. Belial’s face was pale with fear. “Hey man you ok? What’s got you freaked out?”

Belial snapped out of it. “There is a very powerful mortal here, he is wearing all silver and well I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

Nichi smiled, ‘Brother!’ “Which way did he go?!” Nichi stood up and pulled off his training weights and his power restrainers.

“You might want to get back before he removes all of them Aikia.” Belial said as he jumped back. Aikia also jumped back.

The last restrainer dropped to the ground. Waves of energy pushed back and down the grass. Then in a burst of white, almost like fire formed around him bending back the tree itself from him. “Were did you see him?”

Belial wasn’t sure just who this person was but Nichi seemed determined to destroy but he was scared to feel two powers of such magnitude in one day. “He was in town near the supply shop.”

Like a bolt of lightning Nichi ran into two leaving behind a trail of frost. He passed Titania who was standing near an all close to the fountain. “Run to the others as fast as you can.” He yelled as he passed.

Barefoot and confused she took off without a second thought towards the tree where Nichi and the others had been training. “What on earth is Nichi freaking out about?”

Malice had just come out of the hotel after feeling the power unleashed from Nichi. “I have no idea, Belial you know?”

Belial shook his head. “Well sort of. He took off after I told him about a man in silver armor.”

Nichi hunted through the town yelling for people to get as far from his as possible. Finally he saw the man he was looking for. “BROTHER!”

Dacono turned his head and smiles wildly. “Oh your still alive, I thought last time I threw you off a cliff you might have been blessed with death.” He pulled out his sword and swung it around wildly to try to show off.

Nichi pulled his sword of his back and swung it towards the ground with such force that wind cut the ground all the way to Dacono’s feet. “Yeh thanks for that, if you hadn’t thrown me off that cliff I’d have never met Ishia and become who I am today.”

“Well enough chat lets see if you can stand up to your big brother.” Taking a fighting stance Dacono looked towards Nichi ready for the fight.

Nichi’s eyes turned the usual yellow that came with his copy ability. He gripped his sword in one hand and charged forwards ready to strike. He formed Spiral in his left hand ready to punch. Nichi’s first swing game down in a way to make Dacono dodge to the left, Nichi hit Dacono in the gut at full force. Dacono went flying into a building destroying it as his body slammed through it.

Dacono burst out of the rubble at full speed slashing at Nichi with insane speed. Nichi was able to doge most of them and the ones he couldn’t dodge he put up ice barriers to take the blow instead. Dacono tried to freeze Nichi to the ground but as the ice came up from the ground Nichi jumped into the air using blocks of ice as footings to jump higher and higher into the air. Dacono tried swing at him, but he couldn’t jump with all the armor he was wearing. Nichi was now almost two hundred feet in the air when he grabbed hold of the handle of the sword and fell holding the sword as though like a pogo stick.

Falling at incredible speed he started to spin and cause a tornado of ice. Dacono tried to get out of the way but his armor made it too hard to get out of the way. Nichi’s attack his with full strength. It knocked him into the ground several feet. Dacono spat up blood and screamed in pain.

Dacono coughed up blood and looked at Nichi. “So you’ve done it you’ve gotten stronger then me by far.”

Nichi smiled and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Yes brother and your betrayal on our clan has finally been avenged.”

Dacono pulled a talisman from under his jacket and held it out for Nichi to take. “Take this, it was fathers. It should be the only living member of out clans to keep.”

Nichi picked up the talisman. It was the key to unlocking the true power he was to have. “Why did you kill them all? Why did you lead them to our village, how could you kill our own people?!” He looked down on his bother for the last time before casting Exidos on him.

Dacono’s body disappeared into the vastness known as nothingness. Nichi returned to the others, saying nothing as he passed by the others picking up his power restrainers and his weights and clasping them back on. He sat down and sighed looking at his father’s talisman.

Belial looked strangely at him and then at the talisman. “Umm Nichi?”

“What? I killed him ok, I killed my brother, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?” Nichi said as he burst into tears. Why was he sad for killing his brother that had lead to the utter destruction of his clan?

Aikia and Belial stood back. Neither of them had been very good at dealing with issues of this nature.

Malice sat down next to him along with Magus and Titania.

“You had a good reason for doing that didn’t you?” Titania said trying to comfort him.

“Did I? Was avenging my village worth killing my brother for? I don’t know, but he killed so many of my family and friends, he’s the reason I’m here. I don’t know I just don’t know.” Nichi said sobbing.

Malice thought about his last battle. “I know what that is like, you’ve done what your heart thought was right. Don’t blame yourself for doing what you think is right.”

Magus nodded in concurrence to what Malice had said.

A man on a gryphon landed a couple of feet from where they were. “Master Nichi!”

Nichi raised his head to see one of Garcia’s knights sitting there. “What is it?”

“Master Nichi Gracia came under attack, Queen Ishia asks for your presence at the castle as soon as you can make your way there. There is also word of your brother being in these parts so please be careful.” The soldier said looking oddly at Nichi whose face was sill red from crying.

Nichi looked at the talisman and shook his head to clear his mind. “Well Dacono is dead, and we’ll be there as fast as we can.” Nichi looked at the others. “Please take the others into town and get them what they need to travel, the young lady is in need of shoes. I’ll be writing up a message for you to present to Ishia since it will take you a lot less time then it will for us to get back.”

The Soldier went with Malice, Magus and Titania into to get them what they needed to be comfortable for the travel to come. Everyone returned within the hour ready for the long journey ahead. Horses were provided to ride back; the carnasors that they had come here on had worn themselves off on the journey here.

12 days later they arrived in the gates of Gracia. So end Chapter one.
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