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Rules of this Forum.

Rules of this Forum

1 Spam: Any post that is short and/or nonsense and/or chit chat and/or off topic and/or not worth the time another member will take to read it is considered spam and will be deleted. Posts/threads consisting of all or mostly smilies is called smilie spam and is also not allowed. Spam posts/threads will be deleted or closed at the discretion of the moderator who finds them. The only exception to this rule is in the Spamtastic forum, where this rule does not apply. Be aware that all other forum rules do.

2 Offensive/Illegal posts/threads: Anyone found posting offensive or illegal material on this forum, including porn, graphic violent images, warez ect will be instantly banned without delay or question. Do not post this sort of stuff here. If you have doubts about something you wish to post, PM a moderator or Admin before you do it and ask. Better to be safe than banned.

3 Flaming/Insulting another member: We expect all members here to treat each other with respect at all times. Anyone posting flaming or insulting posts/threads will face warnings, and the offending posts will be deleted.

4 Trolling: Trolling is posting offensive posts/threads such as "blank group" should be killed because they smell bad. These sorts of posts/threads, while not aimed at another member, are designed to provoke anger and flaming from others and will not be tolerated on this forum.

5 Links: Downloads of Final Fantasy games/roms is strictly not allowed so do not post links to any sites that host them. Links to offensive or illegal sites such as porn sites, warez, and racist groups ect, and click for points, money, experience (Outwar ect) are also not allowed. You may put a reasonable sized link to your own site in your signature, but no posts/threads please.

- Advertising: Is strictly not allowed on this forum for any commercial or business enterprise. We aren't here as consumers for your products. Please don't bother to post ads on this site as they will be removed on sight, and the member responsible ip banned.

These rules will be added to and edited by me and the other admin/mods as we think of additions or changes.
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